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Onondaga County Modifies Coronavirus Policies, Monitors Effects Of Delta Variant

McMahon COVID 08092021
Onondaga County
County Executive Ryan McMahon announces coronavirus symptomatic residents waiting for test results must quarantine to help stop the spread.

Onondaga County is updating coronavirus policies as caseloads rise locally and across New York State. County Executive Ryan McMahon announced Monday that anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will have to quarantine while they wait for their test results, a policy that was first instituted at the start of the pandemic.

“That means if I am sick, and I have COVID symptoms and I get a test. And I am waiting for that result to come back. You are now in a quarantine," said McMahon. "We are doing that because based off of data, folks are not doing that, and then they are spreading the virus.”

The county reported 208 new cases between Saturday and Monday. McMahon said he’s considering many factors when deciding which mitigation efforts to put into effect, including hospital numbers, advice from the health department and vaccination rates. Onondaga County had previously reinstated a mask mandate at all senior living facilities, and they’re recommending all seniors and vulnerable populations again wear masks when out in public.

Guidance on schools and updates on the State Fair are still to come. McMahon said school guidance can be expected sometime later this week. The county has been working with districts to balance a safe environment and in-person learning opportunities.

McMahon said he is in conversation with the State on how to operate the state fair. Currently, they’re discussing mitigation measures that could make the fair experience safer. The rise in cases due to the Delta variant is being actively monitored by the county, and ultimately they will make the final decision about the fair if the situation becomes dangerous to the community.

“An accelerated public health risk," said McMahon. "Certainly under our emergency orders we can do something about that. But again, we’re having very good conversations with the State. I don’t think there’s any, there’s zero friction between us and the State on this.”

The New York State Fair begins on August 20th.