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Pilot Program Will Use Cameras To Fine Drivers Speeding Through Work Zones In New York

nysdot road work
New York State Department of Transportation
Construction workers repair roads in Western New York.

Drivers on the thruway through Syracuse and other state highways will have to pay more attention to work zone speed limits if they want to avoid a fine. A new law will start a pilot program to automatically identify cars by license plate and their speeds through posted work zones. Bill sponsor Assembly member Bill Magnarelli says signs will warn drives that they're under surveillance.

“It relieves the necessity of having a trooper pull you over for speeding through the zone. Now if you’re speeding, the camera will detect it. It will detect your license plate and you will be sent a violation.”

He adds they're not trying to catch or punish people as much as increase enforcement of existing speed laws and keep those who work on the state’s roads safe.

“Speed and distractions are deadly. Using photo monitoring devices identifies those who break the law and put our highway workers in jeopardy," Magnarelli said in a statement.

There will be a 30-day grace period once the cameras start being used at work zones. Magnarelli proposed the measure after seeing drivers ignore reduced speed signs, putting men and women workers at risk. The fines escalate for each violation, starting at $50 for a first offense.