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Onondaga County Legislature Results: GOP Keeps Majority

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Signs direct residents to polling places in Onondaga County

Incumbents of the Onondaga County Legislature largely kept their seats in the 2021 election.

District 1: Brian May (R) won with 66% of the vote over Justin Neal (D) with 33%.

District 2: James Rowley (R) won 62% of the vote over Jay Snyder (D) with 38%.

District 3: Timothy Burtis (R) won 59% of the vote over Matthew Johnson with 36.5%.

District 4: Colleen Gunnip (R) won 59% of the vote over Stephon Williams with 41%.

District 5: Debra Cody (R) won with 59% of the vote while Jana Rogers (D) won 41%.

District 6: Julie R. Abbott-Kenan (R) won with 58.5% of the vote while Diane Dwire (D) got 41%.

District 7: Mary Kuhn (D) won with 55% of the vote while Joseph Carni (R) took 44.5%.

District 8: With no competition, Christopher Ryan (D) maintains his seat.

District 9: Peggy Chase (D) won 56% of the vote over Stephen Skinner (R) with 44%.

District 10: Mark Olson (R) won 52% of the vote over Heather Allison Waters (D) with 48%.

District 11: John McBride (R) won 57% of the vote over Ryan Suser (D) with 43%.

District 12: David Knapp (R) won 60% over Sunny Aslam (D) with 40%.

District 13: Kenneth Bush, Jr. (R) won 71% of the vote and Sara Aaserud (D) won 29%.

District 14: Cody Kelly (R) won 64.5% of the vote over Shanelle Benson Reid (D) who won 34.5%.

District 15: Bill Kinne (D) won 58% of the vote over Kevin Ryan (R) who won 38%.

District 16: Charles Garland (D) won 66% of the vote over Vernon Williams, Jr. (I) who won 34%.

District 17: Democrat Linda Ervin will keep her seat.

Republicans will maintain control of the Onondaga County legislature, as there are now 11 Republicans and 6 Democrats seated.