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Career And Technical Education Expo Returns For SCSD Middle Schoolers To Explore

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John Smith
Nalayah Robinson (L) and Maya Egerton stand at the dissecting table.

Middle school students in the Syracuse City School District got to explore Career and Technical Education pathways available for study at PSLA at Fowler and other high schools Tuesday. It’s the first time the CTE Expo has been able to return since the pandemic. The Health Information Technology fields are very popular, and students like Maya Egerton really know their stuff.

“We learn about the brain. We dissect, like, animal parts. Like, we can dissect like a sheep part, the sheep brain, and cow eyes,” said Egerton.

Maya adds that she likes the program because it provides the basics to everything in health fields, and students can decide what careers are right for them. She is interested in becoming a NICU nurse.

Another student, Elyssa Gee, is part of the Clinical Lab Tech program at Henninger High School.

“A good example I’ve been giving the students that come by is Covid testing. Clinical lab techs are the people that were immediately on the cases. Making vaccines, working with doctors, communicating,” said Gee. “So when you go to the doctor’s and you get like a flu test or a Covid test, we are the people, that it gets sent to our lab. We grow the bacteria, and we identify what’s going on with your body.”

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John Smith
Xavier Ramos (L) and Elyssa Gee are students in the Clinical Lab Tech pathway.

Student Xavier Ramos is also a part of the Clinical Lab Tech program.

“I like the very hands on experience, looking at different stuff and, you know, learning about things. I always liked science so being a part of that and knowing that I’m getting closer to having that in my future is very good,” said Ramos. “Just knowing that you’re taking a college level course in high school is very good for your future. And knowing that you have more opportunities now than I would just being a regular student.”

Following the CTE Expo and speaking with current students like Elyssa, middle school students share with their teachers and counselors and parents what they might be interested in studying in high school.

Bruno Primerano is the Director of Career and Technical Education.

“So students who enter our pathways stay in their buildings. The only time that they leave their buildings is through 11th to 12th grade,” said Primerano. “We try to set up internships, job shadows. A number of our pathways partner with OCC, so they’re taking classes up on campus. So there are opportunities, but they never have to leave the building to get the instruction within the pathway.”

Primerano adds the CTE Expo provides students some exposure to career pathways before they attend high school.

John Smith has been waking up WAER listeners for a long time as our Local Co-Host of Morning Edition with timely news and information, working alongside student Sportscasters from the Newhouse School.