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Mayor Walsh's new Office to Reduce Gun Violence among several measures aimed at improving safety

Mayor Ben Walsh says we must do more to make Syracuse residents feel safe and Syracuse a safer place.
Mayor Ben Walsh says we must do more to make Syracuse residents feel safe and Syracuse a safer place.

Syracuse neighborhood safety was a notable topic in Mayor Ben Walsh State of City Address Thursday night.

Future public safety initiatives include more officers, a junior cadet program, and a new gun prevention office as Syracuse sees violent crime rise by 3 percent.

“I’m announcing the creation of Syracuse’s first ever Mayor’s Office to Reduce Gun Violence to synchronize our city’s anti-gun violence efforts. This new office will work alongside residents, community stakeholders, law enforcement and violence prevention experts to identify factors perpetuating violence in Syracuse,” Walsh said.

Mayor Walsh recognizes the challenges city police may have engaging with community partners, yet they share the same goal of reducing gun violence. City Hall will be the homebase for the person filling this position. Walsh says they are looking for someone who has a background in areas like public administration, social work, or has worked in a public environment, but not necessarily in law enforcement. He also says the person must be comfortable with neighborhood and community involvement.

“Having someone who can act as an intermediary who has credibility whether they’re walking into my office, the public safety building or into any city neighborhood is critically important. That’s what we’re looking for.”

The city is accepting applications.

New Common Councilor Amir Gethers says working with the Administration is going to better the lives of Syracuse residents. He says the Neighborhood Initiative is a priority for him and his constituents.

“A lot of the complaints that I’ve been hearing even with the gun suppression as well. I take it as a neighbor initiative because we’ve had a rough year last year, we have a record-breaking year of homicides.”

Mayor Walsh says reaching higher in our neighborhoods is a must yet can’t be achieved until residents feel safe.

Mayor Walsh's Key Actions to Combat Gun Violence

  • Bring 2 new police academy classes
  • Reestablish the Gun Violence Suppression Detail to get more guns and violent offenders off our streets
  • Start the Junior Cadet Training Program
  • Conduct another buy back program
  • Push forward on police reform work
  • Double Down on the PAL Program

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