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Nearly 13,000 Central New Yorkers weigh in on how Micron should spend $500 million

People sitting at tables
Anthony Davis
Community members at one of many public discussions held about Micron by the Central New York Community Engagement Committee.

Nearly 13,000 Central New York residents have weighed-in on how to spend $500 million in Green CHIPS Community Investment Funding to support the anticipated community growth spurred by Micron. The money was secured in 2022 through a deal reached between the company and New York State.

The suggestions comprise the Community Priorities Document, published by the Central New York Community Engagement Committee, which is made up of representatives from Micron and other community and non-profit organizations.

Melanie Littlejohn, president and CEO of the CNY Community Foundation, co-chairs the committee and says residents expressed their concerns to address local poverty.

“Everyone was intentional to ensure that this is an inclusive moment. So, whether you sit in the City of Syracuse or you sit in Madison County, it is about including and staying focused that everyone has an opportunity to maximize the moment,” she said.

The Community Priorities Document focuses on more than half a dozen areas, including targeted education initiatives and workforce development for future jobs at Micron.

Committee Co-Chair Tim Penix says another goal is to support the region’s anticipated business growth.

“It brings along a number of other vendors and that workforce thought is about those individuals, their impact, but then also all the other businesses that are already here,” said Penix. “How can we ensure that they’re also viable? Because they’re going to be important to sustain this influx of new Central New York community members.”

The Community Priorities Document also calls for healthcare and essential family supports like childcare. Non-profit organizations were also surveyed and numerous public community discussions were held.

The CNY Community Foundation is a supporter of WAER.