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Daniel Gurzynski Portrait

Dan Gurzynski

Broadcast Engineer

I got hooked on the craft of Radio in Buffalo as a child when I first heard a station run a local re-creation of Orson Wells "War of the Worlds". Then I started to be interested in what made the parts all work, how things fit together.


I did some volunteer work – board operating-at WBFO in Buffalo, got an extra class amateur radio license, an electronics degree, a first class radiotelephone license and got started working as an engineer. At WBFO I had the chance to record local jazz groups for broadcast and that was amazing! After that I worked for another station, WNED-FM and in addition to doing technical work during the day I got a chance to record classical concerts around the Western NY area. I'd have to say that was some of the most fun I've had in the business so far.


In 2013 I came to WAER and have been busy with studio improvements, installing a new transmitter, keeping cranky exciters on the air as well as having the opportunity to work with the rest of the staff at WAER and Syracuse University. The students in the sports department keep us on our toes! I look forward to being able to keep learning the new technologies we use every day to do Great Radio!