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Dana Alexander Sulit

Assistant Marketing Director

I joined the WAER team during my freshman year at Syracuse University, largely unsure of what I planned to study. Since then, working with the station has allowed me to understand with more confidence and clarity what I wish to do with the rest of my life. It has been my pleasure to complete creative projects alongside a team as inspired as the WAER staff. On the way, I have, oddly enough, found a genuine passion for design. Thanks to my continuing work at WAER, I intend to complete a degree in Graphic Design and Information Management & Technology. I am very grateful that WAER has afforded me the exciting opportunity to explore these disciplines in a professional environment.
My schoolwork and my work with WAER keep me busy, but I do find time for other activities on campus. In particular, I am always looking for opportunities to design for student organizations and publications. I am also an amateur guitarist and music lover; working at a radio station never gets old. As a sophomore at Syracuse University, I am excited for my future on this campus, and hope that WAER continues to be a part of it.