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Molly English-Bowers


I have always embraced the written word. I remember a note my third-grade teacher wrote on a report card: "Molly is an avid reader." I also remember asking my mother what "avid" meant. Then my ninth-grade English teacher commented that I have some talent as a writer. After graduating from Vernon Verona Sherrill High School, I spent two years at Skidmore College majoring in English, that most nebulous of majors.

When I felt I needed a more professional-oriented direction, I transferred into Syracuse University's Newhouse School, studying Magazine journalism with a dual major in History; both have been useful in my 25 years as a journalist/writer. I have worked at monthly, weekly and daily publications, and most recently spent 13 years editing the Syracuse New Times. In March 2013 I was named Communications Director at Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 200 United, headquartered in Syracuse but representing 15,000 members across Upstate New York. 

In my spare time I train for triathlons and road races; the half-marathon is my favorite distance. My athletic dream is to complete an Ironman-distance triathlon by age 55. My family--husband and children--is supportive of my dreams and have spent hours waiting for me to cross countless finish lines. I also enjoy reading, novels mostly, counting among my favorite authors Thomas Hardy, John Steinbeck, Amy Tan and Barbara Kingsolver. I especially love the work of Bill Bryson--informative and funny and incredibly well written.  A multiple award-winning writer--from the Syracuse Press Club and New York Press Association--I enjoy telling the stories of local people and local events, which I will do here a few times a month.