Rebecca Slye

Budget Administrator

I was born and raised in Lowville, NY, on a dairy farm.  My first exposure to radio was in the barn.  My dad would have the radio on while he was milking and doing chores.  We didn’t have a radio in the house so I would listen in the barn.  I loved the music of the ‘50s and ‘60s and still am an “oldies” fan.   Later I inherited an old record player/radio console and played old 78 records and tuned in fuzzy radio stations from far away.  I also made my own music, playing piano and singing along.

After marriage I lived in Carthage, NY where I spent the next 20 years raising my kids and doing office work for the local school district.  I stayed involved in music through church choir and a ladies’ Music Club that was lots of fun.  I learned to play chimes and we performed for various local functions, both singing and chiming.

I started work at WAER in 2005.  Though this is my first time in radio, my office experience fully prepared me to assist the Development Office with fundraising and business accounting.  I’ve also taken on some true radio responsibilities by learning the trafficking trade.

I love public radio because it's something people still have a say in.  Public radio represents what people want and what they value.  And I enjoy the diversity of music.  There’s something for everyone on WAER!

In my spare time I enjoy reading, gardening, biking and spending time with my three granddaughters.

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