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StoryTech is a new podcast that looks at how technology shapes the way we tell stories. From news to fiction to film to photography to podcasts to social media and even the human voice, technological innovation has inspired and enabled new paradigms in storytelling.From Trint, Antica Productions and the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, in association with WAER.

Latest Episodes
  • VIetnam was the first TV war. The toolkit was 16mm film. Compared to today’s smartphones, instant video film was incredibly cumbersome. Veteran ABC News anchor and reporter Ted Koppel was just 26 years old when he was sent to cover Vietnam. It took three days for his stories to get on air. He takes us through the process and talks about how TV news changed war and changed world history.Footage of Ted Koppel reporting from Vietnam provided by ABC News.
  • How does CGI shape the way stories are told? Game of Thrones director Jeremy Podeswa shares how he pulled off what is probably the most iconic scene in the entire series: the moment when the mythic ice wall came crashing down.He breaks down the process that began with a line on a page and ended in 12 minutes of computer-produced epic drama. It took months of planning and some impressive tricks and techniques from the computer graphics team.Jeremy talks about how he learned to work with CGI directing shows like Rome and Boardwalk Empire and how CGI has fundamentally changed the TV and movie industry.Thank you to Warner Bros. Discovery for permission to use clips from Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is streaming on HBO Max.
  • A podcast about how technology has changed the way we tell stories.