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GOP Pick for Lieutenant Governor is SAFE Act Opponent

GOP candidate for governor Rob Astorino says his choice for a Lieutenant Governor running mate will be the Chemung County Sheriff, Chris Moss, an avid opponent of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gun control laws.
Moss, who would be the first  African American the state GOP would pick for Lieutenant Governor, is head of the New York State Sheriffs' Association.  In an interview with the Elmira Star Gazette, Moss called  parts of the gun control laws championed by Cuomo “ludicrous” and a “knee jerk reaction” to the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

Astorino, in a web video, says the choice of Moss came after an “exhaustive statewide search” .  “Make no mistake about it , there’s going to be a new sheriff in town in Albany next year,” Astorino said.  Astorino says he purposely chose an “Albany outsider” to be his running mate. Moss will be officially nominated at the Republican State Party convention in Westchester on Thursday.