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Utica-area Rep. Richard Hanna Stands by His Record as Primary Approaches

Scott Willis

With primary elections a week away, Utica-area Congressmember Richard Hanna seemed to be trying to bolster his Republican credentials Tuesday by bringing Long Island colleague Representative Peter King to Central New York.  

 Hanna is facing a primary challenge from Tea Party candidate and state assemblymember Claudia Tenney of New Hartford.  She’s accused him and the Republican Party of abandoning their conservative principles of less government and lower taxes.  Hanna says he doesn’t get too mired in the politics of his positions.  

Hanna says he does listen to all criticism, and looks for the merit in the argument…rather than dismiss it outright.  Congressmember Peter King says Hanna is a solid Republican on the core issues of national defense, pro-business, jobs, and low taxes.  At the same time, he says the Tea Party movement is part of what  has actually helped the GOP.

Rep. Peter King doesn't always agree with the Tea Party, but says there's room for their ideas.

King says you can see the same unrest within the Democratic Party.  Meanwhile, Claudia Tenney is hoping to pull an upset like Dave Brat in Virgina, a little-known and underfunded Tea Party favorite who unseated house majority leader Eric Cantor.  The sprawling 22nd congressional district covers all or part of eight counties, including Madison, Oneida, and Cortland.