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New Republican Candidate Hopes to Find A Place in the State Assembly


  With elections fast approaching, State Assembly candidate Rick Zaccaria is kicking his campaign into full gear. He opened his new campaign office just a few days ago. 

Rick Zaccaria has never run for office before. In fact, he doesn’t even consider himself a politician. Instead, he says he’s a businessman who knows about handling budgets, businesses, and making a paycheck last a full week. Zaccaria says these skills give him a leg up over any career politician.

"They don’t understand what we need on a daily basis. They don’t understand the conversations we have around the kitchen table.  I’ve been having those conversations my whole life. I understand them, those conversations. We need change. I think not being a politician is a big advantage.  

If elected, Zaccaria would likely be in the minority as a Republican. However, he says just having a voice is enough to bring important issues to light.  For example, he has concerns about the “New York is Home Act,"  which would grant New York State citizenship to a person, regardless of immigration status. Zaccaria says giving illegal aliens citizenship would hurt the state.

“It goes against everything that this country and the state stands for. It would virtually change New York overnight from a vibrant state in the United States of America to a third world nation.”

Zaccaria also hopes to address issues such as welfare reform, common core, and the SAFE Act. However, to get that spot in the assembly he’ll have to defeat eight-time incumbent Bill Magnarelli.  Zaccaria says he’s up to the task.