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Election Results Rely on Supporters to Vote

The City of Wyoming, Minnesota

The number of people that go to the polls today might have a bigger impact on the election’s outcome than in some other years. Close elections in the race for Congress, some state legislature posts, and even Onondaga County Sheriff might be decided by who did the best job of getting their supporters to actually vote in an election that typically has a lower turnout. Arthur Harris voted early today at Atonement Lutheran Church and would like to see voting really represent the people. 

Tune in to WAER to hear live election results from 8:00 p.m.-midnight tonight.

"I hope that it can balance out the way it's supposed to balance out. That way everybody can leave in peace between the wealthy and the poor people."

Candidates for national office, such as the 24th congressional district race, draw a lot of attention with campaign events and television ads. But Donna Kassman of Syracuse knows races for seats locally and in Albany probably affect people more.

"I've been prompting people to vote all year and understand that just because it's not a national election, even more so, today's election is so important."

She wonders if the outcomes today might even affect major projects, such as the I-81 rebuilding or the Onondaga Lake Amphitheater project and even larger issues.

"They have to understand that this is about the middle class. If the middle class shrinks anymore, there is not going to be help for the needy at the bottom."

Polls are open until 9:00 p.m.

Madison Carter and Nicholas Fathergill of the 'Democracy in Action' project at SU's Newhouse school contributed to this story.