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Onondaga County Democratic Committee Endorses Colleen Deacon for Congress

  In the 24th Congressional District Republican John Katko is running unopposed for his party, however there are plenty of Democratic candidates ready to take his seat in Congress.  

Onondaga County Democratic Committee Chair Mark English says they’ve already endorsed one candidate in the race, Colleen Deacon.  However, the party will have to hold a primary for three candidates. 

“There’s going to be one, so the positive aspect of it is that message – the message of all three candidates - is going to get out there and the Democratic message,” English said. “And they’re all good spokespersons for that. The committee, we’ve committed ourselves to support Colleen’s candidacy going forward.”

Deacon, a Syracuse native, paid her own way through college at Syracuse University through waitress and grocery store clerk jobs and student loans. After graduation, while still working as a waitress (without health insurance or maternity leave), she gave birth to her son, Adrian. By utilizing resources such as Medicaid, WIC and food stamps, she was able to keep her baby and herself healthy.

English thinks experiences such as these separate Deacon from the rest of the candidates.

“ I think I’ll let her speak to the issues, her personal history being a single mother – self-made, as the saying goes,” English said.  “She’s well known throughout the Democratic community, and I think she speaks eloquently regarding women’s issues and economic issues.”

Deacon acknowledged the designation in a press release sent out Friday. 

“Having served on the Committee for the last 12 years, I know how important the support of the OCDC is in any election," Deacon said. "The hard work that they do to help elect Democrats in this region is so important, and I am looking forward to working together to get the 24th Congressional District back in Democratic hands in November.”

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Social Work Professor Eric Kingson of Syracuse University, left, and lawyer Steve Williams are the other two Democrats in the race.

  English feels confident the Democratic campaigns for the seat will be civil and focused on the issues.  All three of the candidates have spoken with him and he says they have campaigns that are mindful of what the party wants.

“I’m proud of my party,” English said. “I’m proud of the way they conducted this contest, and we’re looking forward to sending Colleen to Congress.”

The other Democrats in the race are lawyer Steve Williams and social work professor Eric Kingson of Syracuse University.