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One Issue Important to Syracuse Drawing Supporters of One Presidential Candidate Together

John Smith/WAER News

  Supporters of one Democratic Presidential candidate brought a Senator of Minnesota and Mayor Stephanie Miner together on an issue important to Syracuse.  They support Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure plan…and gathered at Plum Street Bridge near Franklin Square, built in 1908.

“And it was renovated, it needs to be fully renovated and right now they’re re-decking it.  It gets approximately 300 cars a day.”

Miner says the bridge carries residential and commercial traffic to nearby neighborhoods.  Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar recalled the tragic I-35 highway bridge collapse in 2007.

“8 line highway 8 blocks from my house, a bridge that we drive over every day with my family and it just literally completely collapsed. 50-some csrs submerged, 13 people died.  And as I said that day, a bridge just shouldn’t fall down in the middle of America.”

The Senator adds it was a horrific wake-up call that thousands of bridges across the U-S are structurally deficient.

“Secretary Clinton is proposing $275 Billion in new infrastructure and also something pretty innovative, an infrastructure bank where you would match private funding with public funding to get even more money out of it for infrastructure.”

Credit John Smith/WAER News
Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Syracuse today, along with Mayor Stephanie Miner. They touted Clinton's infrastructure investment plans.

  Miner has been long advocating for more funds to address the city’s aging infrastructure.

“Using this infrastructure plan is way to help places like Syracuse get broadband and also take care of our water systems and our roads and our bridges. That’s why people are going to vote for Secretary Clinton because she has the substance and the policy to move our country forward.”

Miner says the American Society for Engineers gives New York a “C” rating for safety on bridges.  She notes repairing such problems is a campaign issue that’s close to home. 
Clinton faces Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s Primary.