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Rep. Katko Says More Facts are Needed Before Trump Impeachment Proceeds


Central New York Republican Congressmember John Katko thinks Democrats on Capitol Hill are rushing to judgement about President Trump’s Ukrainian phone call.

"Bottom line is, there's a lot of moving parts here, but you should be concerned as citizens when they're moving to impeach a president without knowing the facts, that's scary," Katko said.

As a former federal prosecutor, John Katko stresses that a thorough investigation has to play out first.  He insists that Trump’s conversation doesn’t necessarily rise to a criminal offense.

"I would never engage in a conversation like that, but... from a legal, technical standpoint, [it is] nowhere near enough to remove the President of the United States for the first time in our nation's history."

Katko says there was irrefutable evidence against President Bill Clinton and he still served out his full-term in office.  He feels that lawmakers aren’t even close to begin talking about an impeachment proceeding and the transcript is just mere words.

"He has a different style from most politicians before him, and I think that's on purpose.  I operate differently, but that doesn't mean you remove the President of the United States because you don't like him or don't like what he's saying."

Katko says he plans to focus on matters closer to home like addressing failing infrastructure of roads and bridges, the heroin epidemic, and rising suicide rates.