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2019 Election: McMahon Keeps County's Top Spot, First Refugee On Common Council

Katie Zilcosky

Republican Ryan McMahon will remain the Onondaga County Executive. McMahon beat Democrat Tony Malavenda by earning 55% of the vote to Malavenda's 45%. McMahon was appointed to the position earlier this year after Joanie Mahoney left the post. 

In other countywide races, Republican Bill Fitzpatrick won another term as District Attorney.

Democrat Marty Masterpole beat incumbent Matthew Beadnell in the race for Onondaga County Comptroller, making him the first democrat to hold a county-wide position since 1991.

Chol Majok became the first refugee to serve on the Syracuse Common Council Tuesday night. Majok will represent the city's 3rd District. Democrats Michael Greene and Rita Paniagua won the race for Councilor-At-Large. Other Common Counicl winners include Democrats Pat Hogan, Joe Driscoll, and Latoya Allen. Incumbent Republican Joe Carni also kept his 1st District seat. 

Proposition One, which called for a citizen-led independent redistricting committee after the 2020 Census passed with overwhelming support. Over 76% of the county voted "Yes."

The full list of results is below. Winners are written in bold:


Onondaga County Executive

  1. Ryan McMahon (R-C-LBT-I-UJP) 
  2. Tony Malavenda (D-WF-SAM) 

Onondaga County Comptroller

  1. Marty Masterpole (D-WF-SAM) 
  2. Matthew Beadnell (R-C-LBT-I) 

Onondaga County District Attorney

  1. William Fitzpatrick (R-JFA) 
  2. Charles Keller (D-WF-LBT) 
  3. Gary Lavine (C-I) 

Onondaga County Clerk

  1. Lisa Dell (R-C-I) 
  2. Mark A. Kolinski (D-WF) 

Legislator 1st District

  1. Brian May (R-C-I) 
  2. Justin Neal (D-WF) 

Legislator 2nd District

  1. James Rowley (R-C-I) 
  2. Nodesia Hernandez (D-WF)

Legislator 3rd District

  1. Timothy Burtis (R-C-I) 
  2. Gary Williams Jr. (D) 

Legislator 4th District

  1. Judith Tassone (R-C-I) 
  2. Kathy Zabinski (D) 

Legislator 5th District

  1. Debra Cody (R-C-I) 
  2. Jessica Bumpus (D-WF) 

Legislator 6th District

  1. Julie Abbott-Kenan (R-I) 
  2. Susan Scheuerman (D-WF) 

Legislator 7th District

  1. Mary Kuhn (D-WF) 
  2. Courtney Hills (R-LBT-I) 
  3. Daniel Carroll (C) 

Legislator 9th District

  1. Peggy Chase (D-I) 
  2. Kevin Kuehner (R) 
  3. Gina Iliev (WF) 

Legislator 10th District

  1. Kevin Holmquist (R-C-I) 
  2. Mark Matt (D-WF) 

Legislator 11th District

  1. John McBride (R-C-LBT-I) 
  2. Irene Workman (D-WF) 

Legislator 12th District

  1. David Knapp (R-C-I)
  2. Jennifer Blusk (D-WF) 

Legislator 15th District

  1. Bill Kinne (D) 
  2. Miles Bottrill (R-C-I) 
  3. Misse Ross (WF) 

Legislator 16th District

  1. Vernon Williams Jr. (D-WF) 
  2. Reginald Bradwell (G) 

City of Syracuse


  1. Michael Greene (D-WF) 
  2. Rita Paniagua (D-WF) 
  3. Jason Ziegler (R-C-LBT-I) 
  4. Norm Snyder (R-C-I) 
  5. Frank Cetera (G) 
  6. Thomas Babilon (LBT)

Councilor 1st District

  1. Joseph G. Carni (R-C-I) 
  2. Jay Subedi (WF) 

Councilor 2nd District

  1. Patrick J. Hogan (D)
  2. Bill Bass (G) 
  3. William Martin (LBT)  

Councilor 3rd District

  1. Chol Majok (D) 
  2. Emad Rahim (WF-I) 

Proposition Number One