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Republican Janet Burman Enters Race For Syracuse Mayor

Scott Willis

Syracuse Economist Janet Burman officially launched her campaign for the 2021 Mayoral race Wednesday, joining a growing field of candidates hoping to unseat incumbent Independent Mayor Ben Walsh.  

Burman says public safety is her number one priority, and accuses city leaders of making the wrong move when they tried to reduce spending because of the pandemic. 

"The common council and the mayoral administration acted to reduce the Syracuse Police budget by over $6 million.  My first action as mayor will be to restore that funding.”                   

Burman says fire safety needs to be a top priority when the I-81 project gets underway.  She says the city should start planning ahead, especially since the closure of fire station 7 on E. Fayette St. in 2014.

"During the transition, there's the potential for serious interruptions in fire services.  I propose to establish a temporary fire station during this construction period that will serve the University Hill and eastside areas.”                        

Construction on the I-81 replacement project could take anywhere from 5 to 10 years.  Burman’s other priorities include improving city services and infrastructure, and supporting local businesses and restaurants as they emerge from the pandemic. She also criticized mayor Walsh for what she calls a mistaken priority during a health crisis when he decided to tackle the Columbus statue controversy.  As the party’s designee, Burman is likely to face a primary from attorney Tom Babilon.  She suggests she’s not too worried.

"My focus doesn't change, whether I have a primary opponent or not.  My priorities are priorities that are for the citizens of Syracuse, not one party or another.”

Burman could face a primary competitor in Tom Babilon on June 22nd.  Khalid Bey and Michael Greene are vying for the Democratic nomination, while Walsh is running as an Independent.