"Christmas from Dublin" Will Use Music to Help Address Syracuse Poverty

Dec 12, 2018

"Christmas from Dublin" will help the homeless while playing music from a variety of cultures.
Credit "Christmas from Dublin"

A holiday concert this weekend will include music from a range of cultures, while also touching one of Syracuse’s most pressing problems – poverty.  “Christmas from Dublin” will be performed in the Palace Theater this Saturday.  Organizer Live Space Entertainment is working with organizations that help the homeless and families in need. 

John Tumino runs In My Father’s Kitchen with his wife Leigh Ann and was approached to collaborate.

“We’re an organization that goes out to the streets of Syracuse, and we engage the chronically homeless individuals who are living in places not meant for human habitation,” Tumino said. “Me being a chef by trade, I bring out restaurant-quality lunches, as well as the gear that people need to survive outside, but then to build this relationship to encourage them to make some moves.”

That might mean simply coming inside, or getting treatment for substance or mental health issues. Tumino tries to find out what’s behind the sign of a panhandler.

“You end up finding out that they were traumatized or victimized, then…an addiction or some sort, which causes a breakdown of the family. Or, someone losing their job and end up being homeless. Or, people suffering from mental health issues and not taking their medication, and then they’re making bad choices.

The concert will include about 50 singers, musicians and dancers.  Christmas and other holiday songs will be sung in Gaelic, French, and even Welsh.  Tumino says it’s a way to help because not everyone will go out into the streets.

“You can connect with an organization by coming to the show, it’s not just coming in and watching a show, it’s watching a show with a greater purpose in mind, knowing that some of the funds will assist us in doing what we’re doing. People just need to get engaged someway.”

John Tumino (L) and Dr. David Lehmann (R) support House Calls to the Homeless.
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“Christmas from Dublin” will assist In My Father’s Kitchen and Music for the Mission.  It’s Saturday Night at the Palace Theater starting at 7:30.  Information is at Live Space Entertainment