Cirque de la Symphonie Returns to Syracuse to Perform with Symphoria

Feb 3, 2017

Fans of music, magic, and acrobatics will once again have a chance to see Cirque de la Symphonie’s performance at the OnCenter this weekend.  After attracting a sold out show last year, the traveling troupe returns to Syracuse for two shows that pair the music of Symphoria with Cirque-Di-Solei-style theatrics. Founding member of Symphoria, Jon Garland says the two art mediums pair nicely.

Jon Garland at the Amphitheater last July.
Credit John Smith/WAER News

“It’s a really amazing thing to see and to work with too, because the two art forms together is a wonderful collaboration.”

Garland is the coordinator of the orchestra as well as a musician. He says the combination of classical music and acrobatics gives a different dimension to the performance.

“It’s all classical music, which is sort of an unusual for a pops concert, but the pairing works so nicely.”

Vitalii Buza is a six-year member of the Cirque cast, and will be flying above the stage for his routine.  He says the mixing of live acrobatics and music enhances the show.

“For me this is so different because you have a full audience in front of you and now you have live music behind you, which the combination of the two, it gives so much more. It is live, everything is live. Besides our performance, you have live music, so it’s great.”

While watching the show is a visual treat for the audience, Buza says he enjoys the adrenaline rush he gets while performing.  

“You just get on stage. You own that moment. The adrenaline kicks in and that full performance mode, that’s what, when we’re on stage, that’s the best thing when we perform.”

Saturday’s performance is already sold out, but there are a few seats left for Sunday’s show at 1:30. More information it at