CNY Veterans Can Go Bowling and Get Job, Health Assistance

Jun 7, 2013

Syracuse veterans will have a chance to get a line on jobs, improve their health, and practice their bowling this Saturday. The V-A sponsored event is geared toward veterans of Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn in Iraq and Afghanistan.

VA Medical Center hosts program for veterans at B-ville Bowling Alley

V-A Program manager Lauren Love says it will be attempt to connect these veterans with the resources designed to support them.

 “They understand processes, they understand administration and how things operate," said Love.  "They are really so willing got work and learn. And they come highly educated, so we really try to make sure that our local employers understand that and are willing to higher more veterans in the workforce because we believe that they are a great asset to the community.”

There are well over six thousand veterans already enrolled at the local V-A, but Love says that’s only half of the total veteran population in the Syracuse area.


One problem facing them all is unemployment, despite the strengths that their experiences give them.

 “There’s a ton of resources for veterans within our community, both within non-profit organizations and within the bigger VA system and we just want to make sure that they know about those things that can help them and may help their families.”

Love says that many veterans leave the military without realizing that they are eligible for V-A services … and they’re working hard to change that. The event will be held at Thunderbird Lanes (map) in Baldwinsville Saturday from noon until 5 P-M.