CNYers Hit the Polls on Final Day of 2020 Voting; Here's What They Had to Say

Nov 3, 2020

Voters turned out at the Frank DeFrancisco Eastwood Community Center.
Credit Geoffrey Goose / WAER News

WAER reporters fanned out across Onondaga County Tuesday to catch voters as they cast their ballots at their polling places.  Most sites were fairly busy considering more than 59,000 people voted during the nine days of early voting, and more than 53,000 submitted absentee ballots. 

This couple in Skaneateles says they cancel each other’s votes.

"We usually have one sharp discussion every day, and we both back off,"  she said

"I'm usually a little calmer, being the Republican.  Other than that we're great.  We get along well.  It's upsetting that I haven't been able to watch Fox [News] for six years now," the husband said.

"And I don't make you listen to NPR, either,"  she said.  

"That's true," he said.

Over in Camillus, this voter says he supported Congressmember John Katko.

WAER's Geoffrey Goose chats with a student voter at the SU campus polling site.
Credit Chris Bolt / WAER News

"I grew up down the street from Mr. Katko.  I got to know him.  He's a good guy.  He seems to be able to go across the aisle.   I think he'll do a better job than Dana Balter."

But this voter clearly feels Katko changed from when he was first elected six years ago.

"We voted for him one year early on when he was more independent.  Now he's too connected to Trump.  We need those guys out of Washington.  We voted Biden/Harris, Dana Balter, and blue all the way through."

Back in Skaneateles, this voter says he previously supported Katko, but says President Trump ruined the Republican Party.

"I was a Republican for 40 years until Donald Trump got elected.  I left the Republican Party.  I'm now a registered Independent.  The guy is an embarrassment.  He's an embarrassment to the Republican Party, he's an embarrassment to the country.  I never enjoyed voting as much as I did today."

Others, though, feel President Trump and John Katko need another chance.

"At this point, the die has been cast, he [Trump] is who he is.  Let's let it ride another four years."


The right to vote was on the minds of Syracuse voters as they cast their ballots this Election Day.  We caught up with voters the Eastwood Community Center in Syracuse and on the SU campus.  

The SU polling site off of Marshall St.
Credit Chris Bolt / WAER News

"As an African American, we've had to fight for this right.  I have to say something, and this is my say.  Voting," said Rosalyn Brown.

"This inspiration is being a woman of color.  Women could not vote for many years, and women of color could not vote.  It is my right to vote, and I want to be part of the process," said Eastwood Poll Site Director Yevette Mercer.

"It's definitely a privilege that I should exercise.  I should do it for the people who can't do it," said 19-year-old SU student Mira.

"If you believe in an issue, you can't just complain about it.  You have to vote and put someone in office who can make that change for you," said Grace, a 19-year-old SU student.

"I like to take my kids with me to vote every year, to show them that they have rights, and that it's important to be part of the election," said Jennifer Strickland.