Democrat Declares Early Challenge to John Katko in 24th Congress District for 2020 Election

Apr 5, 2019

Syracuse man early entrant to 2020 congressional election

One Syracuse man who’s not content with the way things are going in Washington has already thrown his hat into the 2020 Congressional Race.  Democrat Roger Misso believes people and their needs could be represented better in the 24th district.

He charges Congress Member John Katko with catering to the wealthy, shown by his vote for the tax-reform bill last year.

“We’d know a little more about the Congressman if he showed up a little more in the district and held open forums with voters, instead of scripted photo ops.  I’m just opposed to that sort of way of doing government.  I’m also not interested in putting the interests of corporate lobbyists and wealthy special interests ahead of the people in Central New York.

As for issues, Misso’s first concern is jobs.

“I believe it’s most important to create and help sustain a strong economy in New York that is fundamentally inclusive and accessible to all the people in every corner of the district.”

Roger Misso believes experience both in the Navy and after will help him be an effective representative.

He has experience as a data analyst after getting out of the Navy.  And when in the service he says he took on an entrenched bureaucracy when he saw injustice.

“During that service I fought to get more diverse men and women promoted to major leadership positions.  I was part of a team of reformers who advocated for things like better family leave, increased child-care access, and especially access to mental health services.”

Misso knows this is a little early to be announcing his candidacy.  But he says he wants to get out to every town and village, farm and business in the district.  He’ll seek the democratic nomination next year, though he says he hopes to appeal to – and be the voice for – voters of all political persuasions.