Drone Technology and its Benefits Kicks of Tech Week in Syracuse

Apr 23, 2019

The Syracuse Fire Department can use this drone to drop emergency supplies.
Credit Ford Hatchett / WAER News

Drone technology was the focus of the first day of Syracuse Tech Week at the Hotel Syracuse Monday. In true tech week fashion, the event began with assemblyman Al Stirpe being interviewed by a robot. 

Stirpe told the robot that Central New York is already seeing the economic benefits of drone technology.

“We’ve been able to get seven different companies so far to agree to either move their North American headquarters or their whole corporate headquarters here to the Central New York area,” Stirpe said.

Stirpe says those companies have committed over 300 jobs, with average salaries around $88-thousand.  Drones were the focus of the first day of tech week.  NUAIR is an organization helping integrate of drones into different industries, according to Chief of Industry Engagement David Guido 

“Search and rescue, public safety, areal inspections for cell phone towers, bridges, solar panels, things of that nature are where we’re seeing kind of tremendous growth with unmanned systems,” Guido said.

Many drone companies are moving their headquarters to Central New York.
Credit Ford Hatchett / WAER News

Guido said there have been major improvements in drone technology within the last year and a half and expects those to continue. Andrew Leary is the founder of the CNY Robotics and Science Foundation. While you must be at least sixteen to get a drone license, Leary said he believes it’s never too early for kids to learn.

“When it comes to teaching kids, it’s a lot easier than it is teaching adults. Kids are very receptive to technology. Even very young kids are able to program drones. Even though it seems like a lot when they first look at it, if you break it down into little pieces they are amazed with each step they get,” Leary said.

Syracuse Tech Week will continue through Saturday at the Syracuse Marriott … with Cybersecurity Thursday and a job fair Saturday.  Full Schedule Here.

Syracuse Tech Week is the longest community-driven, technology focused event in Syracuse NY. Hundreds of people will be coming together to learn, support, and celebrate Syracuse’s growing interest and passion for science and technology.