Film Festival on 'Nightmare on Elm St.' Movies Offers Glimpse into Genre's Appeal

Oct 13, 2017

Freddy Fest takes place this Saturday at Palace Theater, Eastwood.

This Saturday, the Palace Theater in Eastwood hosts a film festival for horror movie fans. 

Freddy Fest is an all-day tribute to Freddy Krueger … and will feature the screening of all seven of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” films in their original 35 mm format.   Director Jack Sholder, who crafted Nightmare on Elm Street Two, will be there for a Q-and-A session, along with actors and vendors .

When examining the enduring popularity of horror films, fans are quick to point out the genre's ability to elicit emotions others can't.

Insider Sholder credits horror's freewheeling structure and daring subject matter, while event organizers point to the unique thrills that only a horror screening can offer an audience.

Jack Sholder directed Nightmare on Elm Street 2, among other horror films. He'll lead one of several Q-&-A panels

Freddy Fest will also feature a Q&A session with special guests, including Sholder and actor Clu Gulager. There will be photo and autograph opportunities, as well as an "Elm Street Market" will also be offering horror-themed merchandise. Ticket holders are free to come and go as they please during this all-day Freddy Krueger celebration.