How Might Ryan McMahon Govern as County Executive? Expect a Hands-on Approach

Sep 28, 2018

Ryan McMahon is expected to begin serving as County Executive next month.
Credit File photo / WAER News

A change at the top of Onondaga County government will not result in any changes in policies or practices.  But It might result in a change of leadership style. Ryan McMahon is expected to replace Joanie Mahoney as County Executive after her resignation. 

“Nobody is irreplaceable. I think Joanie has done a great job and I’m really happy that Joanie is staying here, and she’s going to be working here at two of our larger employers helping drive success there.”

Both Mahoney and McMahon will still be in their positions as the county budget is finalized early next month.

But shortly after that, McMahon should take over as executive. He said partnerships with local Towns and Villages are important in tackling issues around the region.

“I think I have different abilities and different relationships to help solve some of the big problems. And I think I have them in place, I think people are ready to maybe, finally, let their guard down and work with us. So I’m excited about that.”

McMahon says three deputy county executives will stay on the job.  Department heads and the rest of the workforce will also make sure services and county business continue without interruptions.   Still, he can predict some differences that might be apparent.

“I’m a different person. I am a little more hands on with people and access and things. So there might be a little bit more of a change in approach, and some people might like that and some might not.”

Mahoney announced her resignation earlier this month; she plans to take a position at SUNY ESF, while also advising at SUNY Upstate Medical University.  A vote to approve McMahon as the new County leader could take within the next two weeks.  He’ll have to run for the post in the 2019 election.