INFICON Producing Hundreds of Face Shields for Local Medical Professionals Dealing with COVID-19

Apr 8, 2020

The exterior of Inficon in East Syracuse.
Credit Inficon

A Manufacturing company in East Syracuse that typically produces essential instrumentation for firefighters and the military is stepping-up during the health pandemic to safeguard medical providers.  INFICON is producing about 50 to 100 medical face-shields weekly. 

President Oliver Wyrsch says they’ve re-purposed their 3-D printers to make the high in demand protection for those on the front lines. 

“Their slightly different.  Their full-sized masks, so you put them around your head, and then, you would have a shield in front of your face.  So, it gives you the full freedom to work and see… but still the full protection, as well.”

The company created a special design for a local home care provider… Pace CNY.

“We supplied them and we coordinated with them of what they need and then accordingly adjusted the design a little bit.”

This is a photo of the medical face-shield that Inficon is producing for local medical providers during the COVID-19 emergency.
Credit Inficon

Wyrsch says the majority of Inficon’s team is working remotely from home while employees handle two daily shifts at the factory - with precautions - while they keep filling orders for all of their products.  They remain upbeat in tough times with the tenacity to serve.

“It’s also important for people in their mindset and how they go through the day, keep up their spirits with a number of teams still there.  And actually a number of suppliers are, in part, struggling.  We tried to make sure that we keep our orders up where we can and also keep these businesses running.”

He adds that he’s proud of his team and how the manufacturing community has come together at this time to keep factories running.