Music Discovery Gets A Local Spark

Jul 23, 2018

WAER continues it's four-part series diving into the waters of music discovery this week with Patrick Tuohey from the Spark Contemporary Arts Space. He's an active member of the local music community, booking and promoting shows in Central and Western New York.

Our conversation includes what goes into booking the perfect show, the continued relevance of physical media, and some emerging indie artists that should be on our radar. Hear our full conversation below and view the track list to check out music from this week's episode. 

Track List 

1. The Black Angels- 'Curreny'

2. Girlpool- 'It Gets More Blue'

3. Mike Love- 'Be Thankful'

4. Just Friend- 'I Wonna Love You'

5. Annie in The Water- 'Wings To Travel'

6. Mom Jeans- 'Glamorous'