NY Healthcare Advocates from CNY Aim to Build Momentum from Albany Hearing

May 29, 2019

(L-R): Rev. Andrea Abbott, Jennifer Blusk, Kevin Ketchum, Mark Fera, Migual Balbuena, Kerin Rigney, Mike Falanga, Max Mimargolou
Credit Ursula Rozum / Physicians for National Health Program

Many Central New Yorkers who just travelled to Albany for Senate hearings on the New York Health Act are keeping the conversation going with a Healthcare Stories Forum in Syracuse Thursday night.  “Guaranteed Healthcare for All and the Fight for Equity” is about advocating to expand healthcare insurance to reach marginalized communities who have difficulty getting access. 

New York Upstate Coordinator Ursula Rozum is from Physicians for National Health Program - and feels there are very apparent inequities in healthcare.

“Everyone’s struggled to access care at some point in their lives or knows someone who’s had to either skip a medication, skip a doctor’s appointment because they couldn’t afford it.  So, we’re advocating for New Yorkers to speak out about their experiences with the healthcare system and to talk with their legislators about any difficulties they’ve faced accessing care.”  

Rozum says lawmakers were receptive listening to more than 13 hours of testimony on Tuesday.  They’re planning to listen to constituents across the state and she hopes an official hearing will be scheduled in the Upstate region.

“Because we’re finding that many people can’t get the healthcare they healthcare they need, even with insurance…  because of high deductibles, out of pocket costs; premiums go up every year for working people.  So, some kind of reform is really necessary and lawmakers really need to act.”

Rozum says the Senate is lacking a single vote to pass the New York Health Act but, even so, she doesn’t think it would be passed anytime soon.  The Healthcare Stories Forum happens Thursday, May 29th from 5:30 to 7 PM at Beauchamp Library at 2111 South Salina Street in Syracuse.