Onondaga Children Pulled out of Nation School Over Principal, Representation Dispute

Jun 16, 2017

parents and Onondaga Nation leaders took most of the children out of the nation School today in a dispute over the choosing the principal and power for other aspects of the school.
Credit (provided photo)

Onondaga Nation parents and tribal leaders pulled their children out of the Nation School today in an ongoing dispute with the Lafayette School district.  Nation members say their council is continually ignored…most recently in a hiring decision for a new principal.  The district chose a principal, bypassing teacher Simone Thornton, who has been training for the position.  

But Onondaga Clan Mothers and say the dispute is more deeply rooted.  Tadadaho Sid Hill says the Lafayette School Board and Superintendent think they have control over the school, when he says the Nation has that power.  

Language Teacher Sue Parsons says meetings that included school board members and Superintendent Laura Lavine gave only the impression of working together, but ignored nation input.

She says the children will stay out of school for the remaining two weeks of their school year.  She says it’s a move to get self-empowerment over curriculum, culture and other aspects of the school.