Pat Hogan Fears Syracuse Could Go Way of Bankrupt Detroit, Says He'd Be More Hands-On Mayor

Jul 22, 2013

Mayoral Candidate and Common Councilor Pat Hogan says Syracuse needs to watch out that it doesn’t go the way of bankrupt Detroit.  Hogan released a series of ideas today to raise revenue, create jobs and consolidate government to get the city on better financial footing. 

Syracuse Mayoral Candidate Pat Hogan

He recalls efforts to merge police departments with Solvay and Liverpool…that eventually failed, not because they didn’t save money.

“Parochialism in the end is going to hurt this county.  It’s always hurt this county, especially in terms of consolidation.  But you know I have relationships with a lot of people in village and town government and I think they’re ready.  If you sit down and talk with them, I think we’ll find ways to work things out.”

Hogan is even going so far as to propose metropolitan government, that would merge the entire county and city into one entity.  Short of that, he’d like to see departments with similar missions merge, such as city and county parks.  (Hogan's Proposal for Consolidation)


Hogan believes a more hands-on approach could go a long way to improve the local economy and the city’s financial situation.  He released a number of ideas to create jobs and boost the economy.  Hogan says more face-to-face work by the next Mayor could raise revenue and lower costs. (Hogan's Jobs and Economy Proposal)

“In just a very few years, over in the lakefront area, 33 buildings that have been put online and become new business, generate over a quarter million dollars in tax revenue.  Sometimes we do things obstructionist in nature.  Now I’m also going to sit down and talk to all the unions, open the books with unions.  I’m personally going to negotiate with unions so we can do all this together.”

Another of his ideas is to renovate vacant city homes, then start a rent-to-own program for school employees.  Hogan also proposed plans to increase consolidation of government services with the towns, villages and Onondaga County.  He’s running in a Democratic Primary against Mayor Stephanie Miner and Alphonso Davis.