Phase One Reopening Means Destiny USA Merchants Can Offer Curbside Pick-up

May 15, 2020

Destiny's parking lot has not looked like this since before March 18th. Some stores are offering curbside service, and others are likely to follow under the phase one reopening. It remains to be seen how much longer the mall will be closed to shoppers.
Credit wikimedia commons

Friday's phase one reopening means more merchants at Destiny USA are now permitted to offer curbside pick-up for customers.  So far, General Manager Rob Schoeneck says the service has been limited to three restaurants and two retailers since the mall closed March 18th. 

"This time next week, that number is going to grow.  I'm just waiting to see how quickly some of our other tenants get their staff back in the building and get geared up to provide that service."

Schoeneck says tenants will likely use a combination of website, smart phone apps, phone calls, and texting to take orders and schedule pick-ups.  Destiny will add the stores to a special section on their website when they’re ready.  The state says employees and purchasers should wear a mask, and hand sanitizer must be available.  Schoeneck is looking at those protocols as they prepare to re-open the mall to guests in the future, in addition to social distancing requirements and sanitizing surfaces.  He says it’s like looking into a crystal ball.

"We've been planning strategies for the last 5 or 6 weeks.  Those plans continue to change and be tweaked.  We're monitoring how things are going in other parts of the country where shopping centers have been allowed to open up and let customers into their property.  We're watching policies and procedures they've been putting out and how they're working."

Meanwhile, he says they’ll remain diligent about implementing curbside service properly and safely.  All pick-ups can be made at the main carousel entrance between 9 and 7 Monday through Saturday and 11 to 6 on Sunday.