Pop Life – The Rise of True Crime

Aug 14, 2020

The rise in popularity of the true crime genre has given us some memorable and moving content focusing on bizarre crime cases ripped straight from the headlines.  These shows and documentaries often introduce new theories, new evidence, and fresh perspectives on cases from the little known to those that gripped the nation.

What is driving this obsession? Why do we love to consume stories about the dark side of human behavior?

On this episode of Pop Life, Joe Lee, and guest Patrick Hinds, discuss the HBO docu-series, “I’ll Be Gone in The Dark”, based on the book by Michelle McNamara and explore the lure of the true crime genre.  Patrick Hinds, along with co-host Gillian Pensavalle , is the host of True Crime Obsessed - a true crime meets pop culture podcast that focuses on recapping popular true crime series.