Pop Life- Wandavision for the Non-Geek

Mar 3, 2021

Credit Disney

There's been a lot of hype surrounding the Marvel/Disney+  original show Wandavision. Comic book enthusiasts have been soaking up ever episode filled with "easter eggs" and throwbacks to the original Marvel comics. But, for casual fans of the MCU, they've been left asking a lot of questions and unsure of where to turn for answers. 

To help answer those questions Joe Lee welcomes marvel and comic book aficionado Tessa Smith to Pop Life.  They discuss the origin story of lead character Wanda Maximoff, the importance of this series within the future of the MCU, and why the non-geek should dive into this limited series.

You can find more from Tessa Smith; aka MaMa's Geeky, on her website and through her Youtube channel.

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