Power outages from severe storms fixed, damage being cleaned up, but more on the way?

May 22, 2013

Downed tree blocks Cleveland Road on Onondaga Hill Tuesday night
Credit Chris Bolt

The powerful Thunderstorms that traveled through Central New York Tuesday night left some clean-up behind.  Hundreds were left without power the Manlius area. 

Town of Manlius Highway Superintendent Rob Cushing says crews have been out looking for any damage.

“Most of it’s been tree damage.  Some have come down into the primary wires.  We’ve had a couple come down, one on top of a vehicle in the Homewood area.”

Other than that, Cushing says it’s been small tree limbs and small trees crews have been dealing with. 

Yenny Road blocked by downed tree in Town of Onondaga

In the City of Syracuse, D-P-W Commissioner Pete O’Connor says the storms aftermath has been manageable.

"We didn’t really have many city trees damaged.  There was some tree damage on private properties and if those people get that to the road then obviously we’re picking it up and helping them out in that fashion.  We don’t go on private property because that’s not really our responsibility." 

O’Connor says power outages caused some traffic lights to be inoperable and had to be re-set once the power was restored.  National Grid reported more than 200 outages from the severe storms that blew through, causing more than 2000 homes to lose power. 

Another round of thunderstorms is forecast for Wednesday night, with a Thunderstorm Watch mainly east of Interstate 81 until 10:00 p.m. 

Large tree just missed house and cars on Cleveland Road in Onondaga
Credit Chris Bolt