Sen. Chuck Schumer Says "Flawed" Railcars Pose Danger to Syracuse and Upstate

Aug 13, 2013

Senator Chuck Schumer stopped by Syracuse Tuesday to call on the Federal Transportation Department to propose a fix for flawed rail cars called the DOT 111. 

Sen. Chuck Schumer holds a news conference in Armory Square with the railroad in the background that carries hundreds of tankers every day. Also with him are Onondaga County Dept. of Emergency Management Commissioner Kevin Wisely and Mayor Stephanie Miner.
Credit Maria Catanzarite, WAER News

He says the hundreds of cars that travel through the center of Syracuse every day are the same ones that derailed in Quebec a few weeks ago, killing dozens and wiping out a small town.  

Schumer says retrofitting one of the DOT 111 railcars costs about $15,000, which he says is a small price to pay for railroads that are making a fortune on the new oil cargo.  Schumer says 70% of the rail tankers are the unsafe DOT 111's, which can easily be re-purposed to the Midwest to carry less flammable substances. 

The DOT 111 railcar.
Credit Maria Catanzarite, WAER News