Sounds of the Season Goes Local with Jess Novak

Jul 16, 2018


Sounds of the Season continues and this week we take the time to examine what is happening muscially on a local level. Joining host Kevin Kloss this time around is Jess Novak from the Jess Novak Band. She's been an active member of the music community for a number of years and talks about how she's seen it change in that time.

She also gives us some names of local musicians to give a try, along with sharing  her experience as a female musician in Central New York.

Track List:

1 'Cabin By the Sea'- The Dirty Heads

2 'Captivated' - Jess Novak

3 'Cold Water' - Kitty Crimes

4 'All I Need' - Ben Wayne

5 'Blue"- Amanda Rogers

6 ' Treat Me Right' - Jess Novak