Syracuse Airport Prepares For High Levels Of Traffic After Mandatory Quarantine is Lifted Next Week

Mar 26, 2021

Credit WAER File Photo

The Syracuse Airport is about to see its highest level of traffic since the COVID-19 pandemic began, as the State ends mandatory quarantine for travelers after April first.  The airport is constantly being sanitized daily - and during off hours - with hospital grade misting. 


Executive Director of the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority Jason Terreri says many travelers decided to getaway for spring break.

“We’ve seen a pretty decent bump in what we call advanced bookings. People booking their travel to fly. Even as early as last Saturday when the airlines updated their schedules, we’ve now seen additional seats added into the market. Over the next 2 months, we’re expecting to see a lot more capacity added into the market.” said Terreri.

For those who aren’t comfortable flying yet, he adds the airport is ready to welcome them when they are ready.  All handrails on escalators have UVC lighting to kill viruses and bacteria and all airlines have their own cleanliness standards as well as airport restaurants.  He wants to remind drivers who are shuttling passengers about keeping the traffic flow moving.

Credit WAER File Photo


“We are noticing: going back to people staging on the curb, parking on the curb, and our security teams are moving people. We do have a cell phone lot we encourage everybody to use.” said Terreri.

Terreri says wait times for airlines have been about 20 minutes, but they will get busier soon.  He advises flyers to arrive early.  To see a map of the cell phone lot for those shuttling, you can visit the airports website at