Syracuse Area Girls Explore Career Fields at Girls World Expo

Nov 7, 2016

Syracuse Girls World Expo took place at the State Fairgrounds over the weekend to empower teenage girls to discover their potential and pursue success in different fields.  Inside the Horticulture building, East Syracuse manufacturer Darco was showcasing basic skills involved in manufacturing and encouraging girls to get hands-on experience of working with metals. Darco’s community engagement manager Mel Menon says they want people to see that women can also operate machines.

Credit Jason Chen/WAER News

“We have seen so many young women out here today, so many girls that are rolling up their sleeves, pulling back their hair today and just want to make holes in metal. I think that’s pretty awesome and I would describe all of those girls as curious, object oriented, risk takers who want to get a little dirty and a little gritty when they're doing their work.”

Crystal Tangorra is a mother of two who brought her daughters to the expo to learn the importance of equal rights.  She says construction and engineering are not stereotypical fields.

“We’re learning about the sciences and using technology and mechanical uses versus pretty makeup and nail polish.  They can actually use machines and not be afraid of them.  Not necessarily being a girly girl, but actually going out and making things with their hands I think is a great thing.”

Credit Jason Chen/WAER News

A group of girls from Dance Arts Studio performed a show at the expo.  Founder Linda Facciponte says the studio teaches students leadership to motivate them to speak up for themselves.

“They are there work of art and they’re creating their own work of art.  It’s a process, not a product.  They have to be number one, gentle and kind, but also challenge themselves and compete with themselves and work to a higher level of self.”

The expo also included seminars, vendors and demonstrations.

Credit Jason Chen/WAER News