Syracuse Mayoral Candidate Unveils Ten Point Public Safety Plan

Jul 29, 2013

Syracuse Mayoral Candidate Pat Hogan says the city is less safe than it was four years ago.  He unveiled his ten point plan for public safety on Monday vowing to make city neighborhoods safer.

In recent weeks, a woman was shot and killed while mourning the loss of a friend near a makeshift memorial.

“I believe in intensive police presence in some of our neighborhoods; especially with neighborhoods that are under siege.  Much like that North Side neighborhood.  There’s no reason (to) me why there shouldn’t be an intense police presence, including walking patrol on the Butternut Street corridor.  It’s ridiculous that there isn’t.”

Targeting violent criminals and gang members is something the candidate is also concentrating on.

“As Mayor I’ll be tough on crime, but will insist on proper training, good communication with crime lab and the District Attorney’s Office.  I want to ensure that basic constitutional rights are not violated because that will guard against wrongful arrests and make sure the real criminals don’t get off.”

Hogan also supports the Governor’s efforts to decriminalize possessing small amounts of marijuana.  He says it will give kids who make youthful mistakes a second chance.  Hogan intends to also re-open City Fire Station Seven.  Incumbent Mayor Stephanie Miner and Alfonso Davis are also in the race.