Syracuse to Play Second Game in Three Days

Apr 1, 2019

After a near comeback against Notre Dame on Saturday, the Orange will be packing their bags and heading to Hobart for their second road game of the season. The #8 Syracuse Orange (5-3) started their first seven games on the road this season. Meanwhile #19 Hobart (8-1), will look to continue their six-game winning streak.

Last game against Notre Dame, Syracuse’s head coach, John Desko, made a bold decision. After trailing 11-3 to start the second half, Desko pulled starting goalie Drake Porter. Prior to Saturday, the backup goalie, Luke Strang, had only played a little over a minute and a half on the season.

Strang was able to hold off Notre Dame until the fourth quarter where Notre Dame sealed the win with four more goals. Strang is not projected to be the starter tomorrow, but this goes to show that Desko is not afraid to pull the trigger if his starters are struggling.


Syracuse had more shots against Notre Dame, but they will have to make them count since only 10 of their 45 shots against Notre Dame were goals.

After 23 turnovers last game, Desko and the Orange will have to play a cleaner game against a one loss Hobart team. With a six-game winning streak at the moment, Hobart appears to have more momentum coming into this game than Syracuse.

The winner of tomorrow night will receive the Kraus-Simmons trophy. This has been a standing tradition between both teams since 1986. The trophy is named after Roy Simmons Sr., who coached the Orange from 1931-1970 and won 253 career games, and Babe Kraus who compiled 208 victories at Hobart.

The winner of tomorrow night will receive the Kraus-Simmons trophy.

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