Syracuse Residents Get Their Side Hustle on for Passion & Cash, Subject of SU Podcast Project

Aug 13, 2019

The head mistress of Salt City Burlesque is part of a movement among many local residents to have a 'side hustle'.

What do a stand-up comedian, a woman who dresses up like fairy-tale princesses, and the head-mistress of Salt City Burlesque have in common?  They all do these activities as their side-hustle.

“As we defined it, a job that someone is doing on the side to supplement their full-time job,” explains Lizzie Goldsmith who was part of a podcast project on side hustles.  “So sometimes that looks like something that brings in quite a bit of income; sometimes it’s more of a passion project; sometimes it’s a bit of both.”

The Syracuse Side-Hustle Project was started by a group of graduate students at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School to create podcasts based on personal stories.  They also uncovered a rapper, woodworker, non-profit founder and e-commerce entrepreneur.  A total of 12 podcasts makeup the special website for the project (hear them all here).  

Performing as Mr. Jaxn, this fork lift operator finds joy in making others laugh.

Goldsmith says the podcasts all offer personal looks into what motivates someone to take on a second job or avocation.  In each case, the motivation went past simply monetary gain.

“So we heard from a few performers …; there’s also actors, entrepreneurs and more creative makers.  And so with all of them, they love what they do.  Whether or not it brings in a lot of money, a little bit of money, it’s something they’re passionate about.”

Goldsmith adds in most cases, the side hustle was something each of the individuals would like to spend more time on. 

Being a princess might sound fun, but for one Syracusan it's a potentially profitable side hustle

The side hustle is nothing new.  There’s no shortage of websites and articles about side hustles for college students, entrepreneurs, or just something to get creative juices going

It used to be called moonlighting, or simply a second job.  But maybe side hustle adds a little luster for ideas and efforts that stem more from personality that necessity.