Syracuse's Soundgarden Could Stay; Store, City Officials Reach Deal

Jun 7, 2013

Forty eight hours after it’d appeared that Soundgarden in Armory Square could close its doors, a compromise was reached that would exempt certain items from the city’s secondhand dealer ordinance.  The store had been trying for months to get CDs, DVDs and other media exempt from some provisions of the ordinance because they said it would be too burdensome to log the thousands of items they take in each month. 

Armory Square's Soundgarden
Credit Soundgarden Facebook Page

Councilor Jake Barrett had made some adjustments, but on Wednesday, Soundgarden said it wasn’t enough.  Barrett then refused to consider other changes.  The negotiations could’ve been handled better, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner believes.

“It’s no secret that I have had frustration with how the council leadership has chosen to approach issues and problem-solving.  You’ve seen that Councilor Bey and the police department and the mayor’s office are willing to do that.  And we have a solution in hand that is an example of moving the city forward in solving problems,” she said.  

Soundgarden Manager Eric Brush, who’s been there since it opened 17 years ago, expressed relief that a deal was reached.

“Everyone that we’ve talked to has said, ‘you know what, let the process work out.’  You know, we were assured by Khalid Bey that he would get it worked out,” said Brush.  “And man he came right through in less than 12 hours for us.  So, we’re very happy and very pleased.  So, rock on, we’re ready to roll.”

Music, videos and other media would also be exempt from the seven-day waiting period before resale of the merchandise.  The idea behind the secondhand dealer ordinance is to have some record of the property and who sold it to the store to discourage thieves from cashing in on stolen goods.  The council is expected to vote on the amendment at its Monday meeting.   


  • Secondhand dealers who purchase more than five items at a time won't have to log each one individually.  Instead, buyers will only have to summarize larger pre-owned inventory.
  • Dealers won't have to wait seven days to resell their used merchandise.  
  • These businesses can stay open until 10 p.m. on Thursdays and until 12 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.