Talkback: Ep 07- Pastime

May 20, 2020

As the calendar nears June, ballparks across the country are still silent. On this week's episode of Talkback, host Cooper Boardman talks with two Major League Baseball announcers who grew up around the game of baseball. They share the experiences that shaped their love for America's National Pastime.

In 1990—four years after graduating from Syracuse University—Sean McDonough began broadcasting Boston Red Sox games on television. Since then, McDonough has called World Series games, National Championships, Monday Night Football and more. But last summer, he returned to the radio booth and broadcasted select Red Sox games on WEEI; he explains that choice and his love for the sport. 

Dave Jageler is one of the radio voices of the Washington Nationals and a 1993 SU alum. He called Minor League Baseball in Syracuse, Charlotte and Pawtucket before joining the Nationals in 2006. Last November, Washington won its first World Series in franchise history, an experience Jageler details on Talkback.