"Teal There's A Cure" Aims To Raise Money And Awareness of Ovarian Cancer

Jun 26, 2019

Credit Teal There's A Cure Facebook Page

As many as 600 people are expected to fill Marcellus Park next week for the annual 5K walk/run to raise awareness for ovarian cancer.   “Teal There’s a Cure” is holding its 11th annual fundraiser on July 4th.  Ovarian cancer might be one of the less common types of cancer, but it does have a comparatively lower survival rate due to its later diagnosis.  Committee member Wendy Carl Isome is a survivor. She was diagnosed in 2010.

"As you can imainge, your life changes in an instant when you're diagnosed with cancer," said Isome. "So after I completed my chemo, I really wanted to get the message out to other women who were experiencing symptoms to go see their doctor."

The problem is symptoms are non-specific, and usually don’t present until the later stages of the disease.  Isome remembers she had abdominal pain before her diagnosis.  She says there is a way to remember some typical symptoms:

"It's called B.E.A.T: Bloating, eating or feeling full, abdominal pain, or trouble with your bladder," said Isome. "There's no reliable screening right now, and that's what the money from the race goes to."

Over the past decade, the race has raised more than $374,000 for the Upstate Cancer Center, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, and cancer support groups.  In addition to the July 4th run/walk, there will also be a new motorcycle run.  The 55 mile ride departs Sunday from 315 Brewery in Warners.   Find more information on the events by searching “Teal there’s a Cure.