Three new homes unveiled in Syracuse where there used to be broken-down apartments

Jun 5, 2013

Three new city homes have been introduced in the Syracuse community today as part of an open house event on park avenue.  

Home Headquarters opens new houses for moderate income families
Credit Christian Bersani, WAER News

The new, inexpensive houses for first-time home buyers have replaced the 26 derelict rental units taht used to occupy the space.  Mayor Stephanie Miner and local non-profit organization Home Headquarters led the welcoming ceremony. Miner says the change from rental units to domestic housing makes all the difference...

"The most important difference we found is owner-occupiers take better care of their property and they are more concerned about what happens in the street,"  said Miner.  "They become directly interested in the quality of life in the neighborhoods. So the more owner-occupiers we can have, the stronger our neighborhoods are, and the stronger the city is.”

Miner says this property transformation is a big part of the plan to revitalize the city neighborhoods. One of three future home owners, Jean Claude is happy to finally have a place that he and his family can call their own...

“My family and I are very excited because we know we will be in our house. No one is going to come say, ‘tomorrow we are going to check your house’. We are very excited. This is my dream, my wife and I, we are going to be here for life.”

The former African refugee says he and his family will mix well with the community as the children will attend Frazer Middle School.  Jean will continue working within the city school district.