Unique Variety Show Brings Dance, Circus, Music, Magic, and Muffins(?) to Syracuse

Jun 7, 2019

The show comes to Wunderbar in Syracuse Saturday.
Credit Katherine Marino

A Rochester-based performer and choreographer is bringing her unique live variety show to Syracuse Saturday night that’s probably unlike anything anyone has ever seen.  It’s called The Extraordinary Muffin Theatre Spectacular.   Katherine Marino explains what the audience can expect.

"I'm trained as a mime and a professional dancer.  The work that I do is all silent and movement based...physical acting, physical comedy.  I've given myself this challenge...can I host a variety show...circus performers and musicians."

Marino and her fellow performers have done shows in Rochester and Ithaca, but they're not necessarily doing the same show here.

"We have some really quirky acts especially for the Syracuse show.  We have some magic, which is new with magician and Syracuse navitve John Wolfson.  We have some juggling.  It's certainly a bit eclectic." 

So, where did the inspriation for a dance, theatre, magic, circus, and live music show come from?

"It came from the idea of wanting to share modern clowning and modern circus with a wider audience.  You see several performers performing their discipline at a really high level.  You have a feeling of closeness with the audience."

And, then...muffins?  

"The audience gets a muffin.  They're not supposed to eat their muffins right away.  You're supposed to wait for this special moment, and then we have this breaking bread with the performers on stage and the audience.  It's a different kind of connection in this space."

Marino says cupcakes are too overdone and "girly" for her;  muffins are "homey, funny, sweet, and unassuming."  And, she always wanted to do a magic baking act. 

The Extraordinary Muffin Theater Spectacular takes place Saturday at 9 p.m. at Wunderbar on South West Street in Syracuse.  Tickets are $14 at Eventbrite.com, $15 at the door starting at 8:30.