Unshackle Upstate Releases Agenda for 2020, Seeks Relief for Small Businesses

Jan 10, 2020

Credit Unshackle website

Bringing down costs for small businesses in the state and blocking new government mandates on employers are some the priorities for Unshackle Upstate in 2020.  The Executive Director says they’re also not in agreement with the recent minimum wage increases that he claims will cost businesses more. 

Michael Kracker says a plan to expand the prevailing wage beyond public construction projects is a bad idea.

 “This legislation would seek to expand that to include private projects that receive any level of state inducement and we believe that’s inappropriate expansion and one that would hurt economic development across Upstate.”

A single Payer healthcare system was promoted over the summer and fall by a State Senator and Assemblymember.  Kracker feels it could be gaining traction but, he says such a plan would have devastating consequences.

“It would result in unprecedented job losses and it would strip private healthcare from every New Yorker and instead put them onto a state sponsored plan.” 

Kracker says he’s hoping that lawmakers and the Governor tackle not only property taxes but, also other taxes that are increasing the cost of living.  Unshackle Upstate also wants to see more employer-lead workforce development programs because employers know what jobs are in demand.  Kracker also had thoughts on the proposed STEAM School in Syracuse that Governor Cuomo supported in his State of the State address.

For more details on their 2020 Advocacy Agenda click here.

This story has been updated with copy corrections.